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Services and Fees

Acupuncture Treatment Rates

Initial Evaluation – $120-130 (with insurance discount, you are paying ~ $120)
Acupuncture Treatments – $90-120 (with insurance discount, you are paying ~ $90)

The initial evaluation and treatment: 90 minutes
Follow-up treatment: 60 minutes


Herbal Consultation Rates

Initial Evaluation – $100

Follow up or phone consultation – $35
Herbs: $30 for 1 week supply


Millis Acupuncture Center is in network with multiple insurance providers:

    BlueCross and BlueShield,  Allways Health,  Aetna, and  Harvard Pilgrim


Other Payment Options

Insurance Discount:  

If your insurance does not cover acupuncture treatment, you will receive insurance discount.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Spending Accounts (HSAs):

IF you have FSAs or HSAs, your acupuncture treatment expenses are typically eligible for reimbursement from these accounts.

Health Insurances:

Check with your health insurer whether your policy covers acupuncture treatments.  We will submit all your paper work for you.

Worker’s Compensation:

For worker’s compensation claims, we will file the claim forms for your treatments.  Prior to your first treatment, we need you to confirm that you are authorized to receive such benefits and we will need a referral from your doctor.

Tax Deduction for Out of Pocket Medical Expenses:

For any amounts paid for acupuncture that are not otherwise reimbursed by your insurer or from your FSAs or HSAs, you might be eligible to claim these expenses as itemized tax deductions.  Check with your accountant to see if you are qualified for this deduction.


This information is not intended to provide you with legal or tax advice or make any guarantees as to payment options that will be available to you.


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